The base of our production is our extensive stock of wire rod in current heat treatable steel. We exclusively obtain our production material from selected European steelworks. Before the material is released for production, it undergoes an extensive mechanical and technological control program. The deployment of quality assurance at this early stage of production guarantees the consistently good mechanical properties of our products at the end.

The production starts with product-specific material preparation. Following is the process of cold forging on one of our 16 multi-stage presses, followed by thread rolling. Furthermore there is the possibility for mechanical finishing on our CNC turning machines.

During the manufacturing process, we can rely on the extensive experience of our in-house tool design. The computer-aided worker self-control and intermediate controls during the manufacturing process ensure the consistently good dimensional accuracy of our products.

The heat treatment is performed in a modernized Aichelin continuous furnace. For parts which undergo the heat treatment on racks there are two multi-purpose chamber furnaces available. The processes are monitored and recorded electronically. In-process and final mechanical tests guarantee the consistently high quality of each heat treatment batch.


Graewe Tadiv is acknowledged licensee for the chrom-free coating technology GEOMET®. The computerized coating process is continuously monitored, the defined coating thickness is checked regularly and the corrosion resistance frequently verified by salt spray testing. The coefficients of friction can also be measured internally. We coat fasteners with GEOMET® 321 and GEOMET® 500 and various topcoats as rack bulk parts in-house. Furthermore we have the possibility of applying adhesive coating for thread locking on-site.

All standard metallic coatings such as galvanizing or hot dip galvanizing are timely applied in nearby company.

Warehousing and logistics

In order to enable flexible planning to you as our customer, we have an extensive stock of DIN-screws. We stock for you over 5,000 different stock items in over 3,000 pallet spaces. In our packing department we pack the products in smaller carton boxes, into SLCs or customers packaging which has been provided and label them.

After the final inspection of an item has been successfully documented, the goods can be shipped. The commissioned forwarding agencies regularly transport our goods to European countries. More than 240 employees ensure daily that you as our customer receive your product exactly as you have ordered it. Without compromises.